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Our team

Team of Golden Prague Events: 


    Motto: “Each project is like a puzzle - from small components we piece together an impressive finished article".


  • Gabriela Rothová
    Sales and Marketing
  • Tel.: +420 728 855 882
    Skype:  marcela_sedinova
    E-mail: sedinova@golden-prague.cz
    Motto:"Impossible - not with us!" 



  • Ivana Hořejší
    Senior Project Manager
    Tel.: +420 739 338 208
    Skype:  ivana_horejsi
    E-mail: horejsi@golden-prague.cz
  • Languages:
    Motto: "The only limits you have are the limits you believe".


  • Martina Součková 
    Project Manager
    Tel.: +420 720 983 716 
    Skype:  martina_souckova
    E-mail: souckova@golden-prague.cz 
  • Languages: 


Golden Prague Events, s.r.o.

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Tel.: +420 728 855 882
Fax: +420 226 013 153
E-Mail: info@golden-prague.cz

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The People in Need FoundationDate: 22.12.2017
Dear customers, dear friends, This year, we made a decision to not to invest money in printing and sending Christmas cards. Therefore, you will not receive a picture of snowy Prague from us. Instead, we decided to use this money to buy presents for a non-profit organization People in Need Foundation
Václav Havel Airport breaks another recordDate: 24.7.2017
During the first half of the year, the airport handled 1,2 million more travelers than in the same period last year. Were you among these 6 764 752 passengers? No, then it is the perfect time to start planning your next event - where else than in Prague and of course with Golden Prague Events.
Spring gala dinnersDate: 10.6.2017
Take a look at some of our favorite views from recent plated dinners at The Lobkowicz Palace and Žofín Palace.
Date: 18.11.2018
Time: 17:54:47